"One Bite At A Time"

Question - How do you eat an elephant?

I suspect in recent weeks you will have been inundated with messages along the lines of the following:

'The top 6 things highly successful CEO's do in the morning'

'Top Sales People swear by these top 4 rules'

'Successful business leaders nail these 5 traits'

Unquestionably, there will be some content in all of the above that has a value but if you try and 'change everything' the chances of success are reduced. Instead, why not pick one aspect that you believe will have the greatest impact. Its nowhere near as punchy 'The one thing that may make a difference!' But, you stand a better chance of delivering sustainable change. So this week and for the following 2 just pick one thing that you are going to do differently. Focus on that aspect, review the results and decide on the next steps - Good Luck.