What is Full Glass?

Full Glass is a management philosophy that looks at how you do business. It unpacks the ‘how’ into two component parts. The first is attitudinal and this is both at an individual and collective level. Do your individual employees see the Glass as Half Full or Half Empty? And even if you have some positive thinking individual thinkers, how does this manifest itself in the collective culture? More often than not, you will have a selection of employees who will be positive but their impact is negated by the ‘terrorists’ within the organisation. So, how do you create the right individual and collective attitude?

The second part focuses on the systems you employ. How do you systematically manage your business? Are your processes visible for the right reasons? Are they necessary? How many simply eat valuable time resource with little or no positive financial impact? The correct systems are critical to the success of your business. Without them, you will not optimise the available resources within your organisation. And they need to work for you not against you.

What's the point of difference?

Many companies and consultancies will focus on cultural development and employee welfare. Some will focus on process improvement, although this is less common especially in the non-manufacturing environment. What Full Glass does is look at these two very important elements in conjunction with each other. We believe, that it's wasted time and resource focusing on culture and employee engagement if your systems are doing everything to work against this. Equally, any attempt at process improvement without employee engagement will last as long as the enabler is in the building. The moment they hand back their security badge it's more than likely everything and everyone will resort back to the ‘way things were’.

So we need to align, within your organisation, that everyone sees the Glass as Half Full. But, Half Full is only Half Full. Then, we need to develop your systems to ensure optimal use of Human and Financial resource ensuring your business reaches its potential

Brand essence

  1. 'Credible but not Corporate' - There should be an immediate recognition that we offer a viable alternative to the usual corporate ‘guff’.
  2. What we do today, will not always be applicable tomorrow. We embrace and promote a dynamic learning culture.
  3. We develop and exploit the symbiotic link between culture and process

Brand promise

  1. Through accurate processing of the facts, we will provide pragmatic and actionable solutions for your business that will be both visible and measurable
  2. There will be an immediate identification regarding how we will add value to your business
  3. Action orientated throughout the development process - we don't believe in waiting until the end before we 'press the button'
  4. We will leverage the positive areas of your business and, eliminate the elements that are holding you back

How Can We Help You

There are three ways that we can help you develop your business:

Active Managemnet

There are times when coaching and directional guidance are not sufficient. In these cases we can, for a period of time, take a more active position within your business providing daily leadership and guidance.


We can coach particular individuals in the Full Glass philosophy so they become the ambassadors and catalyst for change. This is particular effective when working with an established Leadership Team


We first understand, from your team, the opportunities and the blockers. Most of the solutions to your problems will already exist in your business. We simply provide the BluePrint to allow you to execute change

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