Full Glass

The Full Glass management philosophy looks at the What in conjunction with the How! It unpacks the ‘how’ into two parts. The first, attitudinal, both at an individual as well as a collective level. Do your employees see the Glass as Half Full or Half Empty? How do your positive influencers affect the company culture? Negativity is a powerful force that will restrict your potential and naysayers will prevent or slow forward momentum. We can help!

The second part focuses on the process you employ. How do you systematically manage your business? Are your processes visible for the right reasons? How many simply eat valuable resource with little or no positive impact? The correct systems are critical to the success of your business. Without them, you will not optimise the available resources within your organisation.


What others have said about Full Glass

"Clive is a dynamic business leader who led our Company successfully through a period of dramatic change. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future." Russ Roenick, Managing Partner at Transom Capital Group

Dynamic Business Leader

"Clive quickly understood the complexity of our situation and found very good solutions right away . In situations with extreme stress, he always displays exemplary resilience." Alexander Most, CEO.

The Importance of Resilience

"Clive is an extremely accomplished organisational leader. He brings an in-depth, technical understanding of the business across all key functional areas. Combined with his proven inter-personal skills." Mark Luthringshauser, CFO.

Organisational Leadership

"Clive was at the start of Continuous Improvement and was a principle believer in process management to improve business results. He positively challenges the status quo." Sara Coene, Employee Experience Program Manager & Behavioral Designer.

Knowing how to challenge

"Clive has an open and intelligent mind. I would at any time team up with Clive and put a lot of trust in him." Raymond Bastiaens, Executive Director, L'Artisane.


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